【SECO-LARM】SM-300Q/BR 1/2"棕色明裝磁控開關 (PN: 11160311)

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【SECO-LARM】SM-300Q/BR 1/2"棕色明裝磁控開關 (PN: 11160311)

【SECO-LARM】SM-300Q/BR 1/2"棕色明裝磁控開關

  • With Mounting Tabs
  • Surface-mount magnetic contacts
  • Screw mount using side tabs
  • Terminal cover provided (required for all applications)
  • ABS plastic case has lip to prevent wires from accidentally touching metal mountings and slotted mounting holes for easier gap adjustment
  • Gold-plated screw terminals for longer life and reliability
  • Contact reed switch is SPST, deactivated rhodium on gold under-plating, for a long life
  • 1/2" (13mm) Gap
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    • 品 牌: SECO-LARM
    • 型 號: SM-300Q/BR
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