miTEC - Alarm, Keypad, Power supply, Buttons, Intercom


MCM-100 座枱音樂咪 (PN: 12230027)

Deck-Top Chime Microphone. Built-in Mixer. DC12~24V #01  ..

MCM-200 面板式廣播咪 (PN: 12230029)

2 Outputs(Line or Aux). BS Type Plastic Panel. DC12~24V ..

MCN-010 HDMI 不鏽鋼面板 (PN: 14180063)

BS Type Stain-less Steel Panel, Built-in HDMI Connector..

MCN-011 VGA(S)+MIC(3.5) 面板 (PN: 14180065)

Solder Free Connection. Built-in Terminal Blocks. BS Type Stain-less Steel Panel..

MDB-200 DC12V 制面門鐘(有線) (PN: 11050019)

86x86mm ABS Panel. With Tone & Sound Level Select  ..

MDB-210 制面門鐘連開門按鈕 (PN: 11050020)

DC12V. 86x86mm ABS Panel. With Tone .Sound Level Select & Door Release Button ..

MDP-200 大廈對講機明裝門口機 (PN: 10210154)

Specification:-Speaker: 1.5" 25ΩDimensions: 86(w) x 86(w) x 26(d)mmWeight: 70gBuilt-in DC12V LEDABS ..

MDP-DS01 大廈對講機明裝門口機 (PN: 10210150)

Specification:-Power Input: DC 12VSpeaker Output: 8Ω/1WMic. Input: Condenser mic.Dimensions: 90(w) x..

MDP-FB02 金屬入牆底箱 (PN: 10210161)

For MDP-02 Doorphone Panel, Size: 102Wx224.4Hx50D(mm)..