AM6115K(5G) 室內雙輸出放大器 40dBAM6115K Mast Amplifiers 40dB Mast AmplifiersMast amplifier 3 inputs&nb..

RS-SS401212 不鏽鋼雨擋SIZE: 400(W)x120(H)x120(D)mm..

RS-SS301212 不鏽鋼雨擋 SIZE: 300(W)x120(H)x120(D)mm..

RS-9180-GY 塑膠雨擋(灰色)SIZE: 92(W)x107(H)x80(D)mm..

LQ-01 4路咪高峰混合器POWER: DC5VSIZE: 104(W)x56(D)x44(H)mm..

AU-8C 充電式音頻放大器 CHARGING VOLTAGE: DC5VINPUT: RCA L&Rx1, 3.5mm x 1OUTPUT: RCA L&Rx1 ..

MA-2S 動圈及電容咪音樂放大器POWER: DC12VINPUT: MIC 6.3x1, 3.5x1, AUDIO 3.5x1OUTPUT: AUDIO 3.5x1, MIX 3.5x1, MIC..

RS-RC-915-B 遙控車藍光LED旋轉閃光燈APPROX: 3~6VSIZE: 9x15mm..

MG236B/VC 拍咭機連密碼鍵盤(灰色) Grey HousingStand-Alone TypeMax. 500 Card HoldersBuilt-in Reader DC12V..

VKP-7612-B 讀卡器連密碼鍵盤500 USERLOCK & AUX RELAY OUTPUTDC12V4 DIGIT CODE76(W)x120(L)x28(D)mm..

RS-RC-915-Y 遙控車黃光LED旋轉閃光燈APPROX: 3~6V, SIZE: 9x15mm..

RS-RC-915-R 遙控車紅光LED旋轉閃光燈APPROX: 3~6V, SIZE: 9x15mm..

VL-20028 電插鎖 (斷電開門) SIZE: 200x28x38(H)mmDC12V/1.3ATimer: 0/3/6sOutput: COM/NO/NC..

ZF8601 433.92 無線按鈕 POWER: BATTERY-FREE433.92MHzSIZE: 86x86x16(D)mm..

MPS-1602 16分區喇叭選擇器DC24VW/LED DisplayOutputs:1~16 ZoneAll/ Group Selection (2 Group )Inputs: 2Unit.48..

HIPPO-2/VC 小河馬冷氣排水泵兩匹半以下冷氣使用噸位使用: 2.5 噸以下電壓 / 頻率:AC200~240V 50/60Hz消耗功率 / 電流: 18 W / 0.08 ..

Emergency Break Glass For Fire Alarm System. Red Color Body. FIRE MarkVideo Demonstration ..

MCP-152L/G 綠色有蓋明裝緊急開門開關Break Glass. 2NO/2NC Output & LED Backlight. Green Color Body With Clear ..

MT-123 【火牛】電鎖電源供應器Output 1: Regulated DC12V 0.5A. Output 2: DC10 or 12V 1A/3A. Timer 0~20sec. 106(W)..

MT-125 【火牛】全穩壓電鎖電源供應器O/P 1: Regulated DC12V 0.5A, O/P 2: Regulated DC 8/10/13V 2A, Timer 0~30sec, Wi..

【UNI-T】UT12D 是一款安全可靠,高靈敏度、可以區分零火線的非接觸式測電筆按此下載產品說明書 型號 UT12D ..

Features:-Built-in Aux Output for P.A. SystemVolume Control for Teller & Customer UnitsSpecifica..

With Goose Neck Mic., Stain-less Steel Case & Plastic Control Box, DC12V, #01  ..

NP7-12【YUASA】12V 7Ah 鉛酸充電池Maintenance-free Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery. Dimensions: 65(..

Specification:- Power Input: DC 12VContact: 125V / 3A, NO/NCInfrared Sensor for Door ReleaseBui..

【miTEC】MCP-15/G 綠色明裝緊急開門制  MANUAL CALL POINTThe miTEC Emergency break glass door release, with ..

Specification:-Power Input: DC 12VMic. Input: Condenser mic.Mic. Frequency: 100-16,000HzSensitivity:..

MA-20 20Wmax 課室擴音機MA-20 20Wmax CLASSROOM AMPLIFIERInput:1Mic & 1mIC/Aux With Wall Mounting Metal..